Feb 24 2017

For Immediate Release: Hearing for LB 504 Two-year moratorium on the construction of commercial wind energy in the Sandhills LINCOLN – Senator Tom Brewer, Representing Nebraska’s 43rd legislative district which covers most of the area known as “The .. Read More

Mar 01 2017

Another busy week in the legislature has flown by! This is the first week there were no extended fights on the floor about rules, so we actually began addressing bills and moving them through the process of amendment and debate. This week I introduced two.. Read More

Mar 08 2017

This week things were moving right along for a while, but we’ve become bogged-down with a filibuster on LB 46 which would create a “Choose Life” license plate. There was a tragedy on Thursday at the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution. The legis.. Read More

Mar 15 2017


We had a short week this week with a recess day on Friday. Floor debate on priority bills continues, although we are way behind compared to previous years. I worry we will not be able to hear all the priority bills. The bottom line on bills is if it has n.. Read More

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