24 February 2017 Press Release

Feb 24 2017
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For Immediate Release:

Hearing for LB 504
Two-year moratorium on the construction of commercial wind energy in the Sandhills

LINCOLN – Senator Tom Brewer, Representing Nebraska’s 43rd legislative district which covers most of the area known as “The Sandhills,” will testify in front of the Natural Resources Committee at 9:15am Wednesday morning the 1st of March, where he will introduce LB 504. This bill directs the creation of a task force to study the impact commercial wind energy projects are having on the Sandhills, and places a two-year moratorium on the new construction of these projects while the task force studies the issues, and compiles a report for the legislature. Senator Brewer urges citizens interested in the subject to consider attending the hearing, or sending letters to the committee voicing their opinion on this important issue.

Senator Tom Brewer
District 43
State Capitol
P.O. Box 94604
Lincoln, NE 68509

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