Nov 09 2016
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“I am humbled by this vote of faith and confidence from the people of District 43. They can trust that I will be a courageous and committed advocate for their interests in the Legislature, and I am proud to continue my service to this state on their behalf.”

“The voters of this district and those around the country sent a clear, consistent message last night; there are consequences for governing against the will of the people. I began this campaign with the strong belief that western Nebraskans are overtaxed and under-represented, and I will work tirelessly to change that over these next four years.”

“After a long and hard-fought campaign that often took a negative and personal tone, I look forward to working together with everyone, including Senator Al Davis, to ensure that the people and priorities of this district are well-served.”

“I must thank my family, friends and supporters who encouraged me to join this fight and helped me see this through. And a special thank you to all those who took time to share their hopes and concerns along the campaign trail, including my 500-mile horseback ride across this district. You will not regret the trust you have placed in me.”

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