February 24th Weekly Update

Mar 01 2017
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Another busy week in the legislature has flown by! This is the first week there were no extended fights on the floor about rules, so we actually began addressing bills and moving them through the process of amendment and debate.
This week I introduced two more bills in committee, LB 165 which concerns the eVerify system that would help address the problem of illegal aliens in our work force, and LB 498 which makes some language changes to make the property tax relief provided by the Homestead Exemption Act easier to use for seniors, disabled, and low-income folks.
I’ve made a decision to name LB 340 as my priority bill. Every senator gets one priority bill that “should” be put on the calendar and debated on the floor of the legislature. This bill restructures the function of administering our State Veteran Homes from something the Department of Health and Human Services does to the Department of Veterans Affairs. I urge everyone to take a look at this bill. It will greatly improve the delivery of important services to our Veterans. I am very excited about working closely with the Department of Veterans Affairs to see the bill make it all the way to the Governor’s desk.
Another busy week looms ahead as I introduce two bills on the 1st of March (LB 500 and 504) and another on the 2nd (LB 505) I strongly encourage folks to take a look at my bill concerning wind energy development in the Sandhills (LB 504). I would really appreciate hearing from you on this bill. This is a very contentious issue and I welcome your input no matter what side of the issue you are on.
The two committees I sit on (Government, Veterans and Military Affairs; and Banking, Commerce and Insurance) continue to hear bills every day. I want to thank everyone who contacts my office letting us know where you stand on bills I will hear in those committees. It is very helpful.
The property tax issue is working it’s way through committees in the form of at least fifteen different bills I know of. People visit with me every day about this serious problem. LB 576 is my bill to help deal with this. As I write this, I cannot honestly say I am hopeful a solution will emerge this session. I hope I am proven wrong.
I’ve been keeping an eye on the weather and see the snowfall totals we have in the district. So far I haven’t heard about any problems getting cattle to feed, and hope it’s not making the calving season too tough. Please keep me posted. With what we have on the ground right now, we’re one bad snow storm away from real trouble.

I have seven bills left to introduce in committee. I encourage everyone interested in these bills to consider attending the hearing or writing letters to the committee chairperson.

LB 500. Changes laws concerning concealed-carry for Law Enforcement officers. Judiciary Committee, 1 March at 9:15am

LB 504. Creates a Wind Energy Task Force / Moratorium.
Natural Resources Committee, 1 March at 9:15am.

LB 505. Requires certain information about Refugee Resettlement to be made public. Judiciary Committee, 2 March at 1:30pm

LB 501. Clarifies laws concerning signage prohibiting concealed-carry.
Judiciary Committee, 8 March at 1:30pm

LB 576. Puts a cap on Property Taxes.
Revenue Committee, 9 March at 1:30pm

LB 503. Stops the State from collecting union dues from employees.
Business & Labor Committee, 20 March at 1:30pm

LB 502. Implements “Constitutional Carry” for guns.
Judiciary Committee, 23 March at 1:30pm.

Again, I appreciate all of your input and concerns. Please contact the office if you would like to set up a time to visit with me, or you have any concerns about what is happening in YOUR legislature.

Senator Tom Brewer
District 43
State Capitol
P.O. Box 94604
Lincoln, NE 68509

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