Serving Nebraska Taxpayers

While hard-working Nebraskans demand comprehensive tax reform, politicians in Lincoln ignore the will of the people and vote for tax increase after tax increase to fund more government programs. As your state senator, Tom Brewer will work with state, county, and municipal agencies to reduce the tax burden on our families and businesses while ensuring that priorities like agriculture, infrastructure, and education get the resources needed for our state to thrive.

Supporting Farmers & Ranchers

Tom Brewer has spent much of his life around agriculture, from leading his FFA Chapter in high school to working the CO-OP in Gordon. He will be a strong voice for Nebraska farmers and ranchers, working to protect our natural resources, promote incentives for new technology, and defend against forces like the EPA and HSUS who threaten agriculture through destructive regulation and litigation. Tom understands that agriculture is key to our state economy, and he’ll fight to lower the tax burden and improve infrastructure to help Nebraska farmers and ranchers feed the world.

Stopping Government Overreach

Whether its health care, agriculture, education, or tax policy, Tom Brewer believes that states have the right to govern themselves without constant interference from the federal government. He will fight to stop big government programs – from Obamacare and Medicaid expansion to Common Core - and their impact on our way of life in Nebraska.

Defending Our Constitutional Rights

With 36 years of decorated military service around the globe, Tom Brewer has fought and sacrificed to defend our constitutional rights and freedoms. And as a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association and an avid hunter and competitive shooter, Tom will be a tireless defender of the Second Amendment in the Legislature.

Protecting Life

Tom Brewer believes in the sanctity of human life and will support legislation that protects and defends the unborn and stops abortion in our state. He will also fight to make sure Nebraskans are not forced to support abortion or compromise their beliefs through threats or mandates from the federal government.

Enforcing Immigration Laws

Illegal immigration is a problem that costs Nebraskans millions of dollars each year, and the federal government seems unable or unwilling to enforce immigration laws. Tom Brewer will lead to eliminate the burden of illegal immigration on our schools, hospitals, and prisons and remove incentives that keep illegal immigrants in Nebraska.

Improving Public Safety

As a veteran, Tom Brewer has a deep appreciation for the men and women who wear a uniform and put their lives on the line every day for public safety. He will work to ensure that our law enforcement agencies have all the resources and tools they need – including the death penalty – to keep our families and businesses safe.